Top 10 Most Expensive Cars In The World In 2017

There are a lot of EXPENSIVE cars out there like certain Bugatti’s, Lamborghini’s, Mercedes, etc but this list is about cars that are no longer produced anymore because collector cars are always significantly more expensive than any modern production car. A lot of these cars are owned by multi-millionaires or billionaires, so these are clearly out of reach for most people. However, in the event you become a multi-millionaire or billionaire someday soon, maybe you can buy one of these in this list!

The cars as seen in this list, aren’t cars you would drive. It’s considered a piece of art and is kept in absolutely mint condition which just further drives up the value. Classic cars like these appreciate faster than even most other forms of artwork, which is just fascinating! Although it would be tempting to drive one of these cars, it probably would be extremely detrimental to the value and for that reason, they’re stored in highly sophisticated garages.

It’s amazing to see classics like these still kept in brand new condition like it just rolled off the factory floor, even though some are decades old! So awesome! Which one of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!