Three Vehicles Were Beached While Trying to Rescue A Sunken Police Cruiser

You know it’s a tough mission when not one, not two, but THREE vehicles get lost in the recovery process. Last week a Georgia state trooper got their Ford Explorer Interceptor stuck in the wet sand. And 3 vehicles had to be sent in after it. The original Facebook post states:

“So, word on the beach is a GSP SUV got stuck on the beach and solicited help and got an Excursion stuck and needed more help and got a back hoe stuck.

Now they are all in the surf! All because a group of young men were fishing near the old North Picnic Area on Jekyll Island.

So, to break up or ticket the pack of rebel fishermen this GSP officer will cost the taxpayers of the State of Georgia hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more.

You can’t make this stuff up!”

The whole thing was supposed to be a lesson in social distancing before the trooper pulled onto the beach to talk to some teenagers. That’s when he got into trouble. The teens jumped into action and grabbed their Hummer to help the trooper but got stuck themselves.

Then, an unrelated bystander in a white Ford Excursion saw the situation and decided to help. They first freed the Hummer but got stuck when it came time to get the cruiser. Next up was a backhoe that ended up just as stuck as the first two vehicles. That’s some serious sand.

While there were no reported injuries, the vehicles involved weren’t as lucky.

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