This Truck Driver Is 88 Years Old With No End In Sight​

Eighty-eight years old and still truckin’. Literally. Dave Sheets is a commercial truck driver and has no plans for retiring anytime soon. He’s worked for Savannah Transport for the last 25 years and his boss Terry Crawford says he’s a “terrific, old-school truck driver” who can “outdo” a lot of his younger drivers.

Sheets doesn’t just do any deliveries, either. While yes, he delivers general cargo he also does runs carrying hazardous materials throughout the West and Midwest.

Sheets made new on social media this week during the annual International Roadcheck. He was behind the wheel of his Peterbilt in North Dakota, where they got checked out and the North Dakota Highway Patrol troopers had nothing but nice things to say.

When the troopers asked if they could post their thoughts and his picture, Sheets agreed without realizing he would become a small internet hit. The Facebook post featuring him and his truck have received thousands of comments and shares which he learned from his grandkids.

Sheets talked to Transportation Nation Network and told them he got his start in the business driving trucks in the 1950s. When it was time to raise his family, he worked as a Volkswagen mechanic and then got back to trucking in 1974.

He says while he doesn’t know the exact number he’d guess he’s driven millions of miles. He’ll turn 89 in August and says there are no plans to stop driving anytime soon.

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