This Prototype Elevates And Widens To Drive Over Traffic

Commuting to work can be a pretty stressful part of life, especially getting stuck in traffic. Well now there’s some good news for people who hate being stuck in traffic, so listen up. Verizon has created a prototype vehicle that literally widens and elevates to drive directly over traffic. The prototype was created for a promotional video for Hum, which is a module created by Verizon that plugs directly into your cars diagnostic system.

Hum is compatible with more than 150 million passenger vehicles dating all the way back to 1996. With a subscription fee, it provides features such as roadside assistance and monthly auto health reports just to name a few. It works with a companion app on your smartphone, so this is pretty cool. As for the elevating prototype, unfortunately, it's not going to be available on the market, so you'll still have to find other ways around traffic.

Source: USA Today
Autoblog and ThinkModo

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