This Porsche Taycan Driver Was Not Prepared For All That Instant Torque

Typically, with an electric vehicle comes increased instant torque, and a lot of it. Sometimes, it’s too much for people to handle. Like the driver behind the wheel of this Porsche Taycan.

The Porsche Taycan is one of the fastest electric vehicles on the market right now. If you take even the least powerful version Porsche offers, the 4S version, it cranks out 523 horsepower and 477 pound-feet of torque.

It’s unclear which version the driver in this video is driving but it’s too much no matter which one it is. The Porsche is sitting on a sloped driveway before things go downhill. Literally.

The driver attempts to go farther up the driveway, punches it, and the car just takes off. The Taycan darts across the driveway, shoving two cars out of its way before it drives off a ledge and into the top of another car parked beneath.

It’s possible the driver hit the wrong pedal, had a medical emergency, or a number of other one-off situations. But regardless of the cause, you can’t deny just how much torque this vehicle has to offer.

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