This Oakland Raider-Inspired Restomod is Sinister

1972 Chevelle | YouTube: AutotopiaLA

Even if you aren’t a Raider nation fan, we give you permission to geek out over this 72 Chevelle. Just because the team moved out of California, it doesn’t mean their fans have left, judging by this Raider-inspired resotmod.

The Chevelle was introduced on September 26th, 1963. Despite its muscle, power, and iconic rumble that embodied American muscle cars, this beast of a vehicle had a short run from 1964 to 1977. The Chevelle came with many options, including two-door sport coupes to four-door wagons, as well as the largest range of trim options from basic to luxurious. It’s easy to see from this blacked out Chevelle why it remains an icon.

A superfan recently took this Raiders-themed, tire shredding Chevelle muscle coupe to AutotopiaLA to film an episode on their wildly popular YouTube channel. We’ve covered some pretty cool cars from them in the past, including a NASCAR-powered ’68 Camaro and a naturally-aspirated Big Block ’69 Camaro, so you know what you’re getting from them is going to be good.

1972 Chevelle | YouTube: AutotopiaLA

This particular restomod does most of its talking on the exterior. The owner is modest and says what’s under the hood is “nothing special,” but the 6.2L LS3 V8 is super clean, despite it being pretty standard for modern-day Chevy restomods. The small block is far from stock, and includes upgrades like a Stage 4 camshaft, ported heads, headers, and a three-inch exhaust. The upgraded LS3 produces around 600 horsepower at the crank, more than enough power.

One aspect that differs from most restomods with aftermarket independent suspension is that the owner stuck with Chevelle’s factory suspension design. Other upgrades include Wilwood brakes, a Wilwood master cylinder, and staggered three-piece wheels fitted with some Nitto tires.

1972 Chevelle with 6.2L LS3 V8 | YouTube: AutotopiaLA

The interior? Well, for the most part, it remains in the ’70s and is pretty much stock. The only upgrade you’ll find inside is the bucket seats, diamond-stitched upholstery, and digital gauges. Aside from the shiny gloss black paint, the exterior wouldn’t make you question if it’s a Chevelle. The only exterior upgrade is the silver racing stripes and painted bumpers, which makes it a Raiders-inspired car.

Despite the changes coming to California, such as NHRA moving to Indiana, modified ECU’s failing smog, there is still a vast car scene out there. Hey, it is where the first hot rods come from!

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