This Machine Can Fix Potholes in Under 10 Minutes

Everyone wants the potholes fixed, nobody wants to wait the several hours or days (depending where you live) for the road work crew to do it.

Those days could be over thanks to heavy equipment manufacturer JCB. The company has debuted a new all-in-one machine called the “Pothole Pro”. The machine is specifically designed to repair potholes in as quickly as 8 minutes.

The JCB website explains it best:

“The new JCB Pothole Pro is a unique 3 in 1 solution specifically designed to sort out any pothole repair or large reinstatement operations, efficiently, economically and permanently. Because it comes with 3 dedicated attachments to cut, crop and clean, there’s no need for additional specialist equipment or extra manpower, saving you both time and money.

And with a typical pothole repaired in 8 minutes, why compromise on a quick fix that won’t last, when you can have quick and permanent? In fact, all you need to add, is the tar.”

The Pothole Pro eliminates the need for labour intensive preparation, the need for extra, costly, specialist equipment, and can travel up to 40kph.

Basically, the machine cut up the space around the pothole before it crops the area around the cutout into a square, which makes future repairs easier. JCB likes to think and plan ahead. The cropping tool can also be used for repairs with things like manhole covers. To top it off, a brush cleans the area to ensure the fill material sticks to the road surface.

So while the process is overall the same as a construction crew, JCB says this entire process can take as little as eight minutes. Another benefit is that the machine can repair as much as 2,700 square feet of road each day. It’s sure to be helpful in the speed of which potholes are repaired. Although, unfortunately, the machine is currently only available in the United Kingdom.

This isn’t the first time JCB has produced something cool. Back in 2019 it set the world record with a tractor with 1,000 HP and a 100 MPH top speed.

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