This Is What A 3-Wheel Mustang Looks Like..

There’s really no limit on the weird stuff you can see out on the road. There are surprisingly a lot of videos out there of cars driving around without the standard 4 wheels on their car. It’s really unexplainable how someone doesn’t know they only have 3 wheels or less on their car, especially if they’re driving full speed down the interstate!? Imagine the high degree of damage something like this would cause a car to drive around without a wheel? All those sparks flying around don’t look too good!

In this video, we see a red Mustang just cruising down the interstate with 3 wheels like nothing is happening. Sparks are flying everywhere underneath the car as its driving FULL SPEED down the interstate with 3 wheels. Driving with 3 wheels on some side roads or something is one thing but driving down the interstate doing 70+ MPH!? Ludicrous!

Hopefully the Mustang driver realized what was happening soon after this video was recorded or if they did know what was going on, hopefully they stopped soon. What a fail! It’s honestly surprising that the car is still drivable when its in a state like this. What do you think about this crazy video!? Thoughts or opinions?