This is The FASTEST Toyota Supra in the WORLD!

Being the fastest Supra in the 1/2 mile in the world is just crazy awesome!

The Toyota Supra was built between 1978-2002 and is still a favorite amongst car enthusiasts. Being a rear-wheel drive car, the Supra could compete with a lot of the other American and European sports cars in its class.

The Supra model in this video, is the A80, which was built between 1993-2002. It was the last generation of Supra's and the most popularly recognized. The A80 Supra came with either the "Toyota 2JZ-GE I6" engine or "Toyota 2JZ-GTE I6 Twin-turbo" engine. The turbocharged engine could do 0–60 mph in as low as 4.6 seconds and 1/4-mile, which is pretty impressive!

Although the Supra isn't made anymore, there are rumors that it could be making a comeback in the near future as possibly based on the Toyota FT-HS. The Toyota FT-HS is a hybrid sports car concept that was actually introduced 10 years ago at the North American International Auto Show. It has a 3.5L V6 hybrid electric engine and a 4-Speed automatic transmission. Some have reported rumors that the "Supra" nameplate is definitely going to be used again if it is ever brought back, since the name is so widely recognized.

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