This Is One Wild Rally Car Crash!

If you’ve ever seen rally car driving, you know how crazy it can be. Especially on race tracks with no side barriers, anything can happen! This particular video, a race car comes around a corner pretty quick. This corner doesn’t have any side barriers, so it’s not like he’s protected by anything. The back end of the car is literally on the dirt as he turns around the corner. Dirt is flying everywhere and it looks like he’s about to lose control!

Bam! He takes out a sign! This somehow turns his car completely around in the other direction to the point of complete chaos. His car then spins around AGAIN, while dirt and grass are flying everywhere. The drivers car then rolls backwards in the grass before suddenly coming to a stop when the car hits a tree. What a gnarly crash!

It wasn’t THAT bad of a crash and besides the sign being taken out, and some smoke coming from the car, it obviously could’ve been a lot worse. What do you think about this wild rally crash? Any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments and for more cool videos like this, stay tuned on