This Is One Insane Brake Test!

Stopping an insane amount of weight down to a stop before an airplane runs off the end of a runway is not for just any old brakes. And since airplanes running off runways and injuring people don’t help sales, the companies building these planes go through extra measures to test them.

The brakes being tested in this video are for an Airbus A380-800, which weighs more than one million pounds. The point of the test was to have the plane stop itself at landing speed in about 3,600 feet. To do this they used a massive flywheel and a tire and brake setup. The test requires the brakes to do the job exactly how they would on the ground. When the huge flywheel comes into contact with the tire to simulate touchdown watch the distortion from the force and then the brake caliper and rotor because that’s when they really start working and heat up. Check out the whole video on