This Is How You Survive Being Hit By A Car

The internet is full of “life hacks” and the latest is how to survive being hit by a vehicle. It’s something you hope you never have to encounter but in case you’re crossing the street and you hear those tires screech, this is how you can survive.

Obviously, the outcome depends on several factors like the speed of the car and how soon you hear it coming. If the car is going 45 mph or more—you won’t have time to react, and the blunt force will be too great for any human bone structure to overcome. But of course, any attempt is better than nothing.

According to Inside Edition, the trick is to lift, leap, protect, and roll. Professional stuntwoman Tammie Baird says the key thing is that you try to get up on the hood of the car. Otherwise, you’ll bounce off the bumper or grill and back into the road. So, lift the leg closest to the car, so there’s absolutely no weight on it. This positioning will ensure you get swooped up instead of knocked down.

Once you’re in a lifted leg stance, it’s time to leap. Propel yourself up with your weight-bearing leg so your butt or hip lands on the hood of the car first. As you come down on the vehicle’s hood, bring your arms and hands up to protect your head. If possible, spread yourself out as you hit the hood to reduce the force of impact.

Next, it’s time to roll. Prepare for the momentum of the car to either roll you up onto the windshield and over the vehicle, or roll you back down the hood of the car because they’ve stopped. Whichever direction you go, always protect your head.

When you’ve stopped moving, get up immediately if you’re able to and then get medical help.

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