This Is How To Stop Your Brakes From Squeaking

At some point, brakes will squeak or make some other type of unusual noise. What causes these unusual noises?

Many different things can be the cause of squeaky brakes but there are 5 reasons that are the most commonly found. Here are the top 5 reasons your brakes squeak.

1. Worn out brakes. This is an extremely common reason for brake noise and more than likely it’s time to change your brakes if you’re experiencing unusual squeaking.

2. Contaminated brakes. Dirt, sand or other material picked up while driving can contaminate the brake pads which will cause grooves in the rotors.

3. Brake hardware. Components in and around the brakes can break down overtime which will cause unusual noises and squeaking.

4. Brake lubrication. Not enough brake lubrication can cause grinding which will result in noise and squeaking.

5. Dust shield. A thin metal plate behind the rotor which prevents brake dust from getting on the suspension components and prevents dirt from getting on the brakes. Since this is a thin piece of metal, it can bend and cause a scraping noise against the brake rotor.

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