This Intersection Comes With 12 Instructional Videos To Teach Drivers How to Use It

Instructional videos for new drivers learning rules of the road is common. But how about a video to learn one single intersection? And not just one video…twelve.

That’s exactly how many there are for a new intersection in the city of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The local Canadian government decided to help everyone out in the name of safety, it created and released 12 videos on how to use navigate the intersection. Our question is, who has the time and patience to sit through all these videos before hopping in their car to go get groceries.

If you’re a Charlottetown resident, the intersection connects Riverside Drive with Charlottetown’s City Center and is known as a “displaced left-turn” or “continuous-flow intersection.”

Stephen Yeo, chief engineer for the PEI’s Transportation Department, says the new setup is “designed to ease congestion at a junction that handles about 45,000 vehicles daily during the tourist season”. Before the new intersection design, drivers turning left were waiting “up to 20 minutes to complete the maneuver onto St. Peters Road.”

It’s reported that this displaced left-turn intersection is the first of its type in Canada. The design essentially requires left-turning drivers to stop and turn left into a dedicated left-turn lane before turning left through the intersection-proper.

If this sounds off or has you confused, don’t worry. There are plenty of video tutorials to help you out.

The new intersection will be open to traffic Sunday, Nov. 15 so if you’re a local let us know how it works out.

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