This Donut Shop Appears to be a Magnet for Car Crashes

A donut shop in Auburn, WA was the unintended recipient of a car crashing into it late Tuesday night. What comes as odd is that six weeks earlier, a completely different vehicle crashed into the same business.

According to the Washington State DOT, there have been six crashes on the curve leading up to the donut shop in 2022. Now the business is calling upon the city to make that part of the road safer for its employees and customers.

The donut shop had already purchased its own concrete barriers to help protect the building from oncoming vehicles, but is asking the city of Auburn to install an additional barrier alongside the road in front of the business.

According to Auburn police, there are already warning signs put up by the city informing drivers of the curve, although some believe that they are not enough to help with the problem area.

“What happens is they get comfortable on that stretch and then the turn comes up out of nowhere. If you’re speeding or distracted, it comes even quicker,” says Auburn Police Public Information Officer Kolby Crossley.

Employees of the donut shop have said that reckless drivers on this curve have been an ongoing problem since 2018 when a pick-up truck once crashed into the business. Surveillance video shows the aforementioned concrete barriers protecting both the building and customers by preventing the truck from proceeding further.

Police recall responding to crashes at the donut shop, noting the speed many of these drivers were traveling at based on impact to the concrete barriers. “We’ve showed up and those things have been completely cracked in half,” said Crossley. “They’ve been flipped over, they’ve been pushed, and it takes a lot of force to do that kind of damage to those things.”

Employees at the donut shop hope the city of Auburn will help protect the business and its customers from future reckless drivers.

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