This Car Collector’s Dream Home Is Super Fancy

In the world of the mega rich where there seems to be no limit whatsoever to how much you can spend, you get some really creative and awesome home architecture! For a car enthusiast and car collector, having a fancy luxury home would include none other than an awesome massive garage to store all of the cool cars of course! How cool would it be to have a home with a massive garage that’s basically inside of your living room? Now THAT’S fancy!

This is a real home in Bellevue, Washington and if the home alone wasn’t impressive enough, wait until you see the garage! The house is so awesome that it has an elevator that takes whatever car you want, to the garage level that’s actually the same level as what looks to be the living room! This is a very cool modern home that would really make any car enthusiast happy, especially if they ever always dreamed of owning multiple cars. This definitely looks like a home that would be in a movie but it’s very real and presumably really…really..really expensive! What do you think about it? Have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!

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