This British Car Jumping Competition Lets You Fly Your Hatchback Into Its Grave

Demolition derbies are fun, plain, and simple. Take a bunch of beater cars, get them smashed up, and send them off to car heaven in a blaze of glory. That is the case for the annual Angmering Car Jumping Spectacular located on a small circuit in West Sussex, England where drivers have the opportunity to send their vehicles through the air over a line of cars in an effort to take home a grand prize of £50 (about $65)!

Many ambitious competitors frequently overshoot their landing. But in the event that the landing is stuck and the car is still driveable, the driver usually follows up with a second jump. Hatchbacks are the most common model seen in the competition, but most cars participating are regular commuting vehicles that aren’t usually seen making huge Hollywood-style stunts.

Drivers are required to wear helmets and race suits, and the airbags are disabled to prevent further injury upon impact.

The drivers are judged based on the height and distance of their jump, as well as how well the crowd reacts. What better way to send off a beater than by sending it!

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