This Big 3 Super Duty is Ranked the Best 1-Ton Truck

2021 F-Series Super Duty | Ford

The truck market was the most competitive in the automobile industry in 2020. America’s love for trucks run deep, and they accounted for five of the industry’s ten best-selling vehicles. The lion’s share of the market belongs to Ford, who continues to dominate with their F-Series. The total sales are leaps and bounds above the next brand, and revenue in this segment is set to reach $66,187,000 in 2021, according to Statista.

Ford has clearly found the secret potion when it comes to developing a good truck, and it’s hard to dispute that when it has consistent sales, which Ford continues to rake in each year. Now, the brand has reached yet another milestone. The 2021 Ford F-350 Super Duty has beat out the competition to earn its spot as the best one-ton pick up truck, based on its payload rating, horsepower, torque, and offerings combined.

Although the 2021 Ram claimed top towing honors with its ability to pull a staggering 37,100 pounds and was awarded for its 6.7L Cummins turbodiesel, it appears Ford has put together the better overall truck, at least for now, according to TruckTrend based on manufacturer-provided specs.

In such a competitive market, it’s easy to lose that crown from one year to the next, but the F-350 is in the winner’s circle for the time being. So what makes this new truck so special?

Where the F-350 Excels

2021 F-Series Super Duty |Ford

For starters, one of the best parts about the F-350 is its price, which goes for around $35,745 in a Super Duty XL and is competitive. However, if you add a Power Stroke diesel to it, you’ll need to fork out an extra $10,500, which is less than the $12,200 for the Cummins, but slightly more than the Duramax. When you get the Ford F-350 with all the bells and whistles will set you back $93,000.

The optional 7.3L Power Stroke puts out 430 horsepower and 475-pound feet of torque, and its 6.7L Power Stroke boasts 445 horsepower and 1,050-pound-feet of torque, only producing less torque than the 6.7L Cummins, which shouldn’t come as a shock. Since the price and power figures are pretty similar across the big three, what sets the F-350 apart from the competition to earn this award?

The features on the F-350 that stand out above the competition are its drivability and modern comforts inside. The truck offers firm braking, great acceleration, and steering that’s much more engaging than previous models. As you move up in trim levels, the quality for muting out wind and road noise is more evident, which is something you’d expect when paying a lot more for a truck.

The massive truck boasts a practical layout and looks exceptional. If you go with the Lariat trim, you can expect to increase your comfort options with heated and ventilated seats, leather-trimmed upholstery, and a wireless charger. It also includes an incredible amount of space for passengers and a lockable box under the rear seat.

All of the Super Duty models, with the exception of the base XL, come standard with an eight-inch touchscreen, which includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The F-350 also comes available with lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, multi-view camera systems, and blind spot monitoring.

The F-350 is an exceptional truck that has many abilities, but can it hold onto its crown?

2021 F-Series Super Duty | Ford

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