These Guys Dropped A Hatchback Onto a Trampoline…And It’s Quite A Show

If you’ve ever wondered what strength trampoline it takes to support a dropped hatchback, wonder no more. YouTuber Mark Rober took on the challenge.

These guys took a Holden and dropped it from 150 feet up onto a custom-built trampoline. And it WORKED. Surprisingly, the trampoline is pretty simple and is made from overlapping Kevlar layers and garage-door springs.

The design was sent to a builder in Australia which is where the YouTubers are based. The Kevlar is pretty durable and can only be cut with an angle grinder and the 144 garage-door springs used can each hold 450 pounds so it makes sense this worked. If you add it all up, the trampoline can hold nearly 65,000 pounds of capacity.

Of course, a Holden weighs significantly less than that but when you add in the force from falling 150 feet, there’s definitely some weight added. Check it out for yourself!

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