The Viper Makes Its Final And Fastest Nurburgring Lap

We talked about the crowdfunded, independent team of Viper enthusiasts that headed to the Nurburgring in hopes of breaking records. And now they’ve posted their best-ever ACR lap time, hitting a 7:01 lap around the famous circuit. FoxPro films posted the in-car video showing just how hard driver Lance Arnold had to work to get that time.

The adventure started last year when the team brought two brand-new 2017 Viper ACR Extremes to Germany along with a crew of mechanics, engineers, and a bunch of professional drivers without any input or support from Dodge. They’ve had previous times of 7:03.45 and a slightly better 7:03.23. And despite the drivers feeling that the Viper is capable of lap time under 7 minutes, with cars on their last leg and no more money, this 7:01.3 will stand as the fastest Viper ‘Ring time. It’s the fastest Viper time, the fastest manual transmission time, the fastest rear-drive time, not to mention the fastest American car time ever recorded at the ‘Ring. Nicely done, guys.