The Truck Tech Shop Gets Upgraded

At the end of the season, it’s time to clean up the shops! And after the 2018 season, Truck Tech was in need of a good floor-overhaul, so they called the team at QuestMark, an innovative flooring solutions company, to help them out.

Whether you own your own shop or just take pride in your home garage, a good, clean floor looks great. And just re-surfacing the slab can go a long way.

For our project, they came prepared with tons of equipment! First up was putting down backer rod to fill in the joints so the slabs can still float. Then, time to apply the epoxy sealant. Once the excess is scraped off they hit the surface with a diamond grinder (40″ takes about an 1/8 of an inch off a surface). Next, acetone is mixed with a concentrated dye and applied in two even coats to give it a nice tint before being mopped for full coverage. A water-based sealer is followed a 200-grit burnishing pad to put on a nice, protective shine.

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