The Tequila Industry Is Not Happy With Elon Musk’s “Teslaquila”

He’s back. Elon Musk is branching his brand out, yet again. The Tesla CEO has a new brand of tequila creatively named, Teslaquila. After positive feedback from the Tesla community, Musk decided to look into production. Which is where he ran into problems. Tequila is a famously Mexican drink and Mexico’s Tequila Regulatory Council doesn’t want Musk ruining the reputation of their beloved alcohol. The work Tequila is apparently a protected work which means Musk would have to follow a strict set of guidelines if his brand did, in fact, make it to production. The biggest concern is that to be branded officially as “tequila” the drink must be produced in one of 5 particular Mexican states. There is a conceptual label for the bottle and Tesla has even filed for patents in several countries. He’s not the only celebrity to get in on the tequila-making trend. Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake, and AC/DC are all owners of their own tequila brand. Do you think Teslaquila should join them?

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