The Real Bullitt Mustang Has Been Found!

There’s rumors that Ford may be planning a commemorative edition of Steve McQueen’s fastback Mustang featured in the 1968 movie, Bullitt. And now one of the two Mustangs used in the film has been found. Last week it was reported by Fox News that one of the two 1968 GT fastback Mustangs provided by Ford was discovered in a Mexican junkyard last year.

They started asking questions after it was discovered the Mustang had multiple layers of different color paint before finally getting to the original layer of the iconic Highland Green that was the same color used on the Bullitt Mustang. Several other clues appeared, welded shock towers, chassis reinforcements, and the rear-left inner-fender had a hole cut, which was presumably used for exhaust pipe of the trunk-mounted, gas-powered generator that powered the in-car lights used in the interior shots (35mm movie cameras needed a lot of lighting to expose the film properly). This sent a shockwave of rumors over whether this could be the famous movie Mustang or not.

Well that rumor has now been confirmed by classic Ford expert, Kevin Marti, who traveled across the border to Mexico where the car was being stored. Marti Auto Works maintains the production database for every Ford built from 1967-2012, which includes VIN numbers, original paint and the exact date it rolled off the assembly line. The company also produces replacement data tags and parts for classic Fords, which makes Kevin Marti able to spot a fake better than anyone. Marti says he believes the VIN plate is 100% original, which definitely makes this Mustang one of the two used during filming of Bullitt.

If you're wondering what happened to the OTHER 1969 Mustang used in the movie, well that one is privately owned and hasn't been shown publicly in 25 years. Just to be clear, this newly discovered Mustang was the actual car used during the famous chase scenes, and the other Mustang was kept clean and tidy for non-chase scenes. What is ironic is that this piece of movie history was planned to be restomodded into an Eleanor clone from the movie Gone in Sixty Seconds. That would have been a travesty!

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