The Raybestos Mustang!

The Raybestos Mustang!- 2016 PowerNation Week #31

This week Katie features the 1969 Raybestos Mustang, built by Jeff Schwartz of Schwartz Performance. As you know, we’ve used a few of his custom built chassis and this pony car is no different. It has a Schwartz Performance G-Machine Chassis which is plenty strong to handle the 480 horsepower the Coyote engine is putting out! It has a Silver Sport 6 speed tranny and to bring all that power to a stop, Raybestos brakes. The R300 rotors are the ultimate upgrade along with the Element3 EHT brake pads which offer the attributes of both ceramic and semi-mettalic materials in a single hybrid compound. Perfect for a car that can hit the Autocross circuit as well as the street. Also this week Katie interviews NHRA legend and 16 time Funny Car champion John Force. Lot’s for you this week on PowerNation. For more go to