The Original DeLorean Chassis Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time…. See What They’re Doing This Time Around!

The original DeLorean chassis was made from mild steel and coated with an epoxy to protect against corrosion. In one of those “it seemed like a good idea at the time” things, as the epoxy aged and became more brittle, and as the chassis would twist and flex, the epoxy would crack. This allowed moisture – and road salt in the winters up north – to cause rust. The present plan for the initial production is to use NOS chassis, electrocoated for corrosion protection and powder coated for cosmetic appearance. For later production it is still planned to use a reproduction chassis with modified front suspension as soon as practical.

There are plans for a new wiring system for the car. The original DeLorean wiring system is plagued with too many connections, using poor sockets/terminals that are not weather-proofed. Even the original DeLorean Motor Company knew this to be true while the car was in production, and before the company closed, plans were well underway to completely redesign the wiring harness and electrical architecture of the car. The plan is update the wiring system, completely replacing the main harness with a modern, multiplexed, architecture resulting in less wire (and weight), built-in diagnostics and the ability to add many modern features that would otherwise be impractical. In any instances where are using an NOS sub-harness, all connectors will be replaced with modern, weather-proof components. There is a complete system in-house now from this supplier and are installing it in a test car soon.

It’s been discovered that while the scan looks good, greater detail will be required before the file can be used to create tooling. We have a complete set of engineering drawings for each part of the car, but have discovered the drawing we have for the left front fender is a couple revisions OLDER than what was actually in production. In order to make sure we are using the latest specification, we needed to locate a later drawing.

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