The Nicest Car Horn You’ll Hear Today

There’s really only two ways for drivers to communicate with each other on the road: your turn signal and your horn. And with technology consuming everyone’s time nowadays, you probably use your horn more for telling the person at the front of the light that it’s green and to stop texting than you do to avoid crashing.

With that being said, this YouTuber brought up an interesting point. Is the stock horn on your car too “aggressive” or “mean” sounding for when you just want to let someone know the light turned? If you’re one of those people that just wants to give a polite “hey pay attention” honk, check this out. He added a custom “friendly” horn to his car for situations like telling drivers to move up in the drive-thru or even saying thank you to the guy who let you into the traffic line.

Obviously, you still need the regular horn for emergencies and times you really are ticked at other drivers (looking at you drivers who cut people off). But what about those other times? Would you be in favor of having a smaller, less threatening courtesy horn option on your dash? If it is, check out the video to see how you can DIY it on your ride.