The Meanest Mower You May Ever See Hits 150 MPH

Watch as Honda’s Mean Mower V2 comes to life for the very first time with rising star Jess Hawkins behind the wheel. It’s a machine that will get the job done!

The motivation behind the mower is the hopes that Honda UK will once again attempt to build the world’s fastest lawnmower. This time it’s called Mean Mower V2.

The original Mean Mower was able to hit 116 mph with a 109-horsepower engine and set the world record in 2013. This time they’re aiming for something higher, though: 150 mph.

Power comes from a 999 cc 4-cylinder engine found in Honda’s CBR1000RR Fireblade SP motorcycle. The Mean Mower V2 has a 0-60 mph run of less than 3.0 seconds. Wow! A number of other parts also carry over from the Fireblade motorcycle, including the clutch, ECU, 6-speed sequential transmission, and LCD display.

The mower has four-piston front calipers and six-piston rears in order to stop the tremendous amount of power it’s putting out, 10-inch ATV wheels dipped in a gold hue to match the Fireblade, and special Hoosier racing tires.

And just because it’s fast doesn’t mean it won’t do its job. Mean Mower V2 will cut the grass thanks to a modified cutter deck with carbon-fiber blades. The bodywork also retains the look of a stock HF 2622 lawn tractor.