The King Of The Road: Shelby GT500 KR

We’re rolling out the red carpet for the King of the Road…the Shelby GT500 KR. In 1968, the Shelby GT500 KR was made in limited numbers. Only about 1,200 KR’s were made for production of the roughly 4,400 Shelby’s made that year. The ’68 KR stayed true to the Shelby design but featured a unique fiberglass hood. However, it wasn’t the good looks that got this car its title. The 428 Cobra Jet that pushes it down the road had something to do with it. Officially, the car was said to have had only 335 horsepower but anyone who’s been behind the wheel of one knows that 335 is more of a lowball number to keep insurance affordable.

A pair of power front disc brakes and oversized drums in the back along with the 16:1 power steering ratio keeps the cavalry under control. Rumor has it that the name, King of the Road, was swiped from GM. But you have to admit, stolen name or not, this car is a beast.

These cars were packed full of options: sequential blinkers, chrome trim, and dual exhaust just to name a few. They were meant to race, so safety was a key component. Harnesses and seat belts hold the driver and passenger in place while a roll bar runs overhead. The style wasn’t compromised for safety, either. The interior was finished with all-vinyl and bucket seats. The walnut dash and panels were home to a full set of gauges.

Big Ford power coupled with Shelby Racing style and engineering demands respect from any challenger.

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