The Journey Of Wind Turbine Blades To The Top Of A Mountain

With renewable energy becoming the norm, a lot of places now have incorporated wind turbines to help meet their energy needs. If you’ve ever seen these in person before you know how large these structures can be. They’re usually placed in areas where there’s obviously a lot of wind, which can mean being placed on top of a mountain. Placing something so large on the top of a mountain means that the task of taking the equipment to the top can be pretty difficult.

What you see in this video are trucks specifically designed to transport wind turbine blades to drive up to the top of a mountain. This seems like it would be a difficult task at first but actually it doesn’t seem difficult at all, just time consuming. If you’ve ever seen “Heavy Load” semi trucks on the interstate, you know there’s really no limit on how much some of these transport trucks can handle. It’s a really amazing sight to see large structures being slowly transported, to then be eventually put together to make something even more extraordinary. What do you think about this? Have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think!