The Hennessey 1,000-HP Jeep Trackhawk Up Against A Ford GT

What happens when a stock 2018 Ford GT with 647 hp drag races a 2018 Jeep Trackhawk with 1000 hp? Find out!

You would think the Trackhawk, which weighs in at 5,363 pounds wouldn’t stand a chance in a drag race. But you would be wrong. Hennessey decided to prove there’s room for improvements by putting the SUV against a Ford GT.

The Trackhawk pushes out 1,000 horsepower while the stock GT puts out 647 horsepower. The SUV pulls ahead at the start and manages to increase its lead for a few seconds before the GT starts closing in. The quarter-mile race ends before the supercar catches up, so the Grand Cherokee takes the win. If it had been a half-mile race, the GT would’ve probably won.

Hennessey admits in one of the YouTube comments that a longer race would’ve had a different winner, mentioning it might do a rematch by organizing a roll race with the two very different cars. But either way, you can’t say it’s not impressive.

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