The Heaviest Vehicle Pulled – Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records are awesome! There is literally a world record for absolutely EVERYTHING! Records are constantly being made and constantly being broken, as so many people in the world want to be the absolute best at something. Many of you have seen the Strongman competitions and other strength competitions, so you have probably seen people pull cars before. But in this video you see THREE firetrucks being pulled that weighed a total of 190,400 lbs!

This is the record for the heaviest vehicle being pulled by a pair in the male category. The trucks were pulled over 100ft! Whoa! What an amazing accomplishment! 190,400 lbs being pulled by 2 people alone is insane! Especially for over 100 ft? The pair who set this record, Jacob and Matthew, are the sons of multiple record-breaking strongman Rev. Kevin Fast. Jacob and Matthew attempted this record to raise money for local Alzheimers charities.

At the same event, 53-year old Rev. Kevin Fast also achieved a NEW record of 150,112 lbs for the heaviest vehicle pulled over 100 ft in the male category. That’s wild! What do you think about these awesome records? Let us know in the comments what you think and for more cool videos, stay tuned on