The Head Designer of Stellantis Shows off His 1968 Dodge Charger with over 1,000 HP

When you are the Head of Design for Stellantis North America, chances are you’ve got the right hookups in regards to getting the exact car of your dreams. But even for Ralph Gilles, he’s as much of a car fan as any regular enthusiast.

That is why when he picked up his new ride, which happens to be the most iconic model under his company’s brand, even he was awestruck.

Going by the monicker “Hellucination”, the 1968 Dodge Charger was put together by Wisconson mod shop SpeedKore.

Obviously, Gilles had a few ideas. Responsible for the design of the Dodge Magnum, the Chrysler 300C, and the updated Dodge Viper, Gilles knows a thing or two about making a dream car a reality. The exterior is mainly stock with a few small alterations like a front chin spoiler, tightened bumpers, and low-profile turn signals.

Sharing a photo of the Charger on his Instagram, Gilles expresses the same kind of excitement as a kid in a candy store over his latest toy. “Still can’t believe it, so grateful on so many levels. Hallucination drives like a dream… feels like one! It is Art as much as it is machine. In all honesty I will likely just sit on a chair in the garage and stare at it every morning as I eat my morning cereal!”

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