The Guardrail Of The Future?

Current guardrails don’t really offer that much protection from significant impact during a collision. Even though they are metal, they are usually fairly thin and can get mangled quite easily during a car accident. If you’ve ever seen a guardrail that’s been crashed into, you can see how easily they give way when they are hit. They just fall apart!

ETI CO LTD from South Korea has invented a new guardrail that aims to help save lives by its creative design. They’re calling it the “Road Roller System.” It consists of a steel tube which has spinning plastic devices that help the guardrail flex and bend during a high speed collision. Unlike normal guardrails, this new guardrail will not only bend during a crash but also help bounce the vehicle back onto the road. In a lot of car crashes now, many cars just crash through the guardrail and off the road. With this new design however, this company aims to stop cars from crashing off the road and help make driving that much safer!

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