Texas Jeep Beach Party Ends With Over 150 Arrests

With summer on the horizon and cities re-opening, it was only a matter of time before events with big crowds returned. Crystal Beach is usually a small, peaceful beach town in South Texas. However, when the Go Topless Jeep weekend occurs, thousands of people from across the country show up ready to party.

With people undoubtedly happy to be out of the house and enjoying social scenes again, the number of arrests during the Jeep events doubled from just two years ago. With everything being shut down last year for Covid there is no data for 2020. At the time of this article there were already 151 arrests made according to local news outlets. Arrests were made for driving under the influence among other offenses.

Authorities prepared the best they could. Galveston County police issued precautions saying there would be more traffic organization to avoid congestion, available emergency services, and even a nurse’s station for testing DWI suspects.

While it’s a popular event for the attendees, not everyone is a fan. Back in 2019 it was reported by The Drive that more than 11,000 people signed a petition to end the Go Topless weekend. Obviously, they didn’t get their wish due to it being held on a public beach. Go Topless Jeep events happen at beached across the country so hopefully people attending future events are a little more careful.

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