Tesla Model S Prototype Breaks Down, Gets Lapped By Porsche Taycan At Nurburgring

There’s been much back and forth between Porsche and Tesla over which automaker can claim the title of world’s most powerful sedan. Both the Taycan and the Model S Prototype have been spotted at the Nurburgring and Laguna Seca attempting to break records.

However, Tesla has had a setback. While undergoing testing earlier this week, a Tesla Model S prototype was found sitting still on the side of the track when it should’ve been racing. To make matters worse, Porsche sent a driver in a Taycan right past the Tesla as it was being loaded onto a flatbed truck and hauled away.

It’s unclear still exactly what happened to leave the Tesla stranded but mishaps are to be expected in the testing stage.

It’s being reported that unofficial lap times have the Tesla about 19 seconds faster than the Porsche.

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