Terrifying: A Chinese Suspension Bridge Full of Traffic Bent In The Wind

With today’s technology, bridges and skyscrapers and everything that could be affected by wind are designed to move with the air. However, it’s unlikely they factored in winds of these.

The Humen Pearl River Bridge in China was closed this week after it started swaying to the point that you could see it with your bare eye, and it was all caught on video. To make matters worse, the bridge was full of cars while it was swaying uncontrollably over the water below.

It’s reported by Chinese officials said that issue was caused by strong winds which created a “massive vortex”. The winds also closed the waterways under and around the bridge. Chinese “experts” have said that the movement is normal and “within a certain range,” doesn’t represent a safety hazard, however, we find that hard to believe. The main structure was found to be undamaged though so maybe they know what they’re doing.

The bridge measures at 2.2 miles long so we can only imagine the people that had to get from one side to the other!

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