Taxi Driver Saves 92-Year-Old Woman From Being Scammed Out Of $25,000

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Posted by City of Roseville, California Police Department on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Quick thinking by this taxi driver saved an elderly lady a LOT of money.

Raj Singh owns Roseville Cab in Roseville, CA. He received a call to pick up a 92-year-old woman from her home so he picked her up and started to drive her to the bank.

On the way over, he started to her. She told him that she owed the IRS $25,000 and was headed to the bank to get the money and send it off to settle her debt.

Raj thought this sounded very suspicious so he suggested this could possibly be a scam. The woman didn’t believe him, however, Raj begged her to reconsider. They compromised and stopped by the Roseville Police Station to ask an officer.

While the woman waited in the cab, Raj came into the station and requested to speak with an officer. He waited for a while but finally was able to speak with an officer who then spoke with the woman waiting in the cab. Sure enough, it was a scam.

When the officer at the Police station explained the situation to the woman, she finally believed it was a scam. She decided not to pay the scammers and Raj took her back home.

It’s great to hear stories that end well in the news lately. Raj could have just as easily taken his customer to the bank and not worried about it. But his quick thinking saved a senior citizen $25,000. The Roseville PD partnered up with Roseville Crime Stoppers to give Raj a $50 gift card to say thank you.

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