Swimming Ferrari, Challenger Comeback, Bumblebee Camaros For Sale, Million-Mile Elantra, And IV2 Technology

Today on PND…
• A Florida Man Purposely Launched His Ferrari Into The Ocean
• The Dodge Challenger Had Its Best Year Since Its Revival
• You Can Own All 4 Bumblebee Camaros From Transformers
• A Woman Drove Her Elantra 1 Million Miles In 5 Years
• And Nissan Has New Invisible-To-Visible Technology

Leave it to Florida, always. Local news WPTV 5 reports that 48-year-old James Mucciaccio Jr. purposely drove his Ferrari360 off a cove in Palm Beach, FL at top speed. And get this, amazingly, neither drugs nor alcohol were found to be involved. Not surprisingly, it ended up with him and his car being launched into the water and floating 50 feet before sinking in the Atlantic Ocean. He was unhurt but the car sunk 30 feet to the ocean floor and airbags were needed to inflate the car back to the surface. Oh, Floridians…

Challenger Comeback
The Dodge Challenger had its best year since 2008! But sadly for Mopar fans, it couldn’t beat the Mustang. Even though the Demon is “the most powerful American production car” people still prefer the Mustang apparently. Dodge sold 66,716 Challengers in 2018 while the Mustang pulled in at 75,842 units sold in 2018. The Camaro, however, is struggling as Chevrolet only managed to sell 50,963 of them in 2018. Sales are down 25%…are you surprised?

Bumblebee For Sale
If you’re a big Transformer fan or Camaro fan, you can buy all 4 Bumblebee Camaros next month! The catch is they’re not street legal and come with a scrap title. They are going to auction at Barrett-Jackson in Arizona later this month. The package deal includes a 2010 model from both the 1st and 2nd movies, a 2013 model from the 4th movie, and a 2016 model from the 5th movie. There’s no reserve, or minimum bid, on the auction, and all four cars come with V8s and automatic transmissions.

5 Million-Mile Elantra
It usually takes a while to hit 1 million miles on a vehicle, so for you people thinking you had a lot with 100 or 200K, think again! This delivery woman in Kansas hit the 1 million mark on her Hyundai Elantra in just 5 years. Hyundai even verified it! Farrah Haines is a delivery driver for an auto parts company and averages 200,000 miles a year. For reference that’s like driving from New York to Ohio EVERY DAY. Her secret is she gets an oil change every 2 weeks but other than that it’s just regular maintenance. Hyundai even set her up with a new model, which is well deserved.

Invisible-to-visible Technology
Nissan is planning to debut its “Invisible-To-Visible Connected Car Technology”, or IV2, at CES next week. The technology takes information from sensors outside the car and inside the car to track its surroundings and help anticipate what the driver can’t see. So things like approaching vehicles or people behind objects would be brought up to a screen in the driver’s field of view. It also will have features to help with new surroundings like a guide to help you in new cities and you can store the information in your cloud for another time. In addition, you can also get professional driving instructions from a personal driver through the system. Would you use it?

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