SUVs in Major US Cities Are Having Their Tires Deflated by “Tire Extinguishers” Activist Group

U.K. activist group “The Tyre Extinguishers” are making it their mission to make it impossible to drive SUVs in major metropolitan areas. According to the group, SUVs play a big role in directly contributing to climate change, as well as public safety. Although the group is not helmed by any official leadership, they do encourage individuals to support the movement by discreetly deflating tires and leaving a leaflet on their victims’ vehicles.

According to the group, SUVs that run on gasoline and electricity are both up for grabs because drilling for oil and mining for rare metals is harmful to the environment.

They instruct participants to go after SUVs commonly found in “posh/middle-class areas” where the vehicle is considered more of a symbol of one’s social status, rather than something legitimately used in off-roading.

The group also believes that deflating tires is a harm-free way of getting their message across through minor inconvenience instead of slashing them. Victims of this group are also left with a printable leaflet that reminds them that they will have “no difficulty getting around without your gas guzzler, with walking, cycling, or public transport.”

However, the group also recommends participants strongly avoid vehicles that are used for people with disabilities and emergencies.

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