Stunt Pilot Gets Insanely Lucky And Lands Plane After Engine Dies

This guy needs to go buy a lottery ticket because he may be one of the luckiest people alive. After the engine in his biplane gave out he narrowly missed a crash landing and was able to get back on the ground safely.

While he was practicing a series of stunts, pilot Chad Barber’s plane’s engine died during a steep climb. Of course, it immediately stalled and made a direct, terrifying plummet back towards the ground. Talk about having an anxiety attack.

He managed to get the plane leveled out and turned into basically a glider and while he desperately tried to bring its engine back to life he had no luck the first several times. He finally got it back up and running just minutes before he would have had to make an emergency landing on a road. If this isn’t everyone’s worst flying nightmare I don’t know what is.

You can hear him react to his amazing death-defying move with a sigh of relief (can you blame him), but he probably had to change his shorts after that one. Too close of a call.

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