Street Race In A Tunnel Ends In A Massive Crash

A lot of times when it comes to street racing, it doesn’t end well. There are too many factors involved that could potentially end up in a terrible and massive accident. For one, drivers that are street racing are on a public roadway, usually in heavy traffic areas that just makes the chances of an accident all the more likely. Also, it seems like a lot of these “street racers” are highly inexperienced drivers which causes them to crash almost immediately, kinda like this video.

The video starts off driving through a tunnel somewhere, which looks just like your typical tunnel you’d find on any roadway. Suddenly an out of control, speeding Audi and BMW swerve into the frame. It literally looks like a disaster from the get go, because both cars immediately crash into other cars. The disaster they caused in this tunnel is just wild! It even looks like a van literally FLIPS OVER at 00:19. What a fail!

We’re guessing these street racers probably didn’t attempt to street race ever again considering how big of a fail this ended up being. What do you think about this? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!