Southern State Drivers Will Need To Be Extra Mindful Of Road Rules Soon

Rules of the road should always be followed. The speed limit, no texting and driving, etc. are enforced 24/7 for everyone’s safety but starting Monday, July 16 motorists in the South will need to be especially mindful. Law enforcement agencies from Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, and Alabama will be working together next week for the second annual “Operation Southern Shield,” in an effort to make Southern highways safer.

These 5 states are dead last when it comes to bad drivers. If you haven’t heard of it, there’s a period called the “100 deadly days of summer”. It’s the time from Memorial Day to Labor Day when the weather is hot, kids are out of school, and people are traveling more and drinking. Lt. Bob Beres, spokesman for the South Carolina Highway Patrol, says we are right in the middle of it which is why the campaign is next week.

Naturally, officers in the five states will be watching for speeders, as well as those driving under the influence or not wearing seatbelts.

“(The campaign) is focused on speed. Last year (during “Operation Southern Shield”) we saw a significant reduction in all traffic crashes during the campaign. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t be looking for other violators, distracted, drunk or drugged,” said Harris Blackwood, director of Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.