Some Guy Built An Escalade Power Wheels That Hits 40MPH!

The stuff that regular people out there can build by themselves is just amazing isn’t it? Whether it be some kind of DIY modification for their car, house or whatever. However it seems so much more satisfying to see a regular object be transformed into something so much different than it originally was. There are plenty of examples of slow cars being turned into super fast sleepers with just a little DIY work. This has got to feel like such an accomplishment to create something on your own like that.

When you think of “power wheels” you don’t exactly think of something fast do you? No. You think of a silly toy car that goes 5mph at most. However for this particular YouTuber, having a slow power wheels wasn’t gonna cut it! He decided to do a complete DIY project by creating a Cadillac Escalade power wheels that goes up to 40MPH! Now that’s awesome! In the video you can see him driving down the neighborhood going a pretty nice speed and it looks surprisingly stable. You’ve seen people modify go-karts but power wheels? Not everyday you see that! What do you think about this video? Let us know in the comments!