Smart Car vs Mustang

How embarrassing! This Mustang probably wasn’t expecting to lose to a Smart Car but then again, who ever expects that? Actually when is the last time you saw a Smart Car drag race anyone? It’s not an everyday sight that’s for sure!

Smart Cars are tiny little cars for the economically conscious consumer, since they get great MPG and are super easy to park! Obviously because of the extremely light weight frame, turning a Smart Car into a drag racer makes total sense. We’re not exactly sure what was under the hood of this thing but regardless, to see such a tiny car against a Ford Mustang is hilariously cool!

What makes this race so much better is the fact that the Smart Car pulls off a wheelie immediately after taking off. How cool is that? It just takes off on its back wheels because of such high power and light weight. This is the ultimate sleeper because NOBODY would assume this thing would be all. What do you think about this crazy fast Smart Car beating a Ford Mustang? Would you drive it? Let us know in the comments what you think! For more cool videos, stay tuned on