Sheriff’s Deputy Crashes Crashes Patrol Car Into Ex-Wife’s Home

Some people get along with ex-spouses, and then there’s this guy. Circa release a dash cam video of an Escambia County Sheriff’s deputy when he intentionally crashed his patrol car into his ex-wife’s home in November of last year.

Deputy Timothy Taylor can be seen steering the cruiser in a position to face the home before accelerating and slamming into the front of the house. Talk about getting revenge, or just pure dislike towards another person. This takes things to another level. Wonder what happened between the two to warrant this kind of extreme action? Well, Taylor admitted to local police that he was under the influence of prescription drugs at the time and tried to commit suicide because of their marital problems. They arrested him but Taylor plead no contest to DUI and criminal mischief charges and was sentenced to two years probation. Do you think the punishment fit the crime?