Semi Truck Falls Over On A Bridge In Terrible Crash!

This is wild! We see a semi truck driving over a bridge along with traffic. Nothing unusual there right? Well, all of a sudden the semi trucks trailer begins to fall over which is the scariest thing ever! The trailer falling over just barely misses the driver of the car with the dash cam. As the semi trucks trailer crashes in front of the car, the car slams on his brakes. It’s obvious that cars behind the car crash into it due to the sudden braking.

This is an absolute disaster. You see debris, dust and even the trucks wheels roll by after the crash. There isn’t really much information on what exactly happened. Some say the wind was the cause of the truck falling over but it isn’t really clear in the video. As for the semi truck driver, he wasn’t injured at all! The dash cam driver was also not injured. This crash looks REALLY bad but fortunately everyone was ok! What do you think about this insane and terrible semi truck crash? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think may have happened. For more videos, stay tuned on