Semi Truck Fail! Crashes Into Divider

This is frightening! Anytime a semi truck crashes it’s really intense because for one they weigh A LOT and are usually carrying heavy cargo. If a truck with this much weight behind it crashes, it’s only a matter of time before it completely flips over or causes irreversible damage. In this video we see a semi truck cruising down the highway with some light rain hitting the windshield. It’s definitely not raining heavily and it doesn’t look like it had been raining a lot, so the roads don’t look too bad.

However, the video description says the truck hit a patch of ice when he drove over the bridge which caused him to spin out of control. Although not really visible, it’s quite possible a small patch of ice caused the massive semi truck to lose control. Halfway over the bridge, the semi truck loses complete control and crashes right into the divider. It then scrapes its way down the side of the divider causing a massive amount of sparks to fly in every direction. Whoa!

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