Semi Truck Crash Clogs Memphis Interstate with Alfredo Sauce

Days after a semi-truck spilled over 20 tons of tomatoes over a California highway, a coincidentally similar accident occurred on I-55 in Memphis, TN where the asphalt was covered with another cornerstone in Italian cuisine.

On August 30th, 2022 around 5pm, it was reported that a semi-truck struck a retaining wall and caused thousands of jars of Alfredo sauce to spill all over the northbound lanes. Highway crews have spent hours cleaning up the creamy mess, on top of all of the broken glass scattered across the asphalt.

According to Fox 13 Memphis, one woman was sent to the hospital with “non-critical injuries.” The crash had immediately shut down all northbound traffic, and some southbound lanes were closed off as well to make room for first responders to attend to the scene.

First, it was tomatoes. Then it was Alfredo sauce. Let’s just hope some highway out there will be spared from a tragic spill of parmesan cheese.

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