Semi Drags Car For 4 Miles!

Ok seriously how does this happen? How does a semi truck drag a car for FOUR miles without realizing it? First of all, he apparently didn’t notice when the car crashed into the back of his truck and second of all, he didn’t notice the car was stuck on the back of his truck and that he was dragging it for miles. That’s absolutely ridiculous!

We see in the video, a nearby driver is recording the whole ordeal on his cellphone. You see this poor little Nissan sedan stuck on the back of this semi going down the highway somewhere. Smoke is pouring from the badly damaged tires. The driver of the car is waving his arm at the nearby driver who is recording and explains to him that the semi truck driver isn’t stopping. This is just crazy!

Somehow, eventually the semi truck driver stops but it almost looks like he stops for an unrelated reason, such as cars honking and waving him down. Then the person recording gets out of his car and walks over to the semi truck driver to explain that he’s been dragging a car for miles. The semi truck driver seems super confused and apparently had no idea that this was happening. INSANE! What’s your opinion on this!?