S10 Slams Into The Wall At No Prep Race

There’s always an increased chance of crashes at a no prep race. And if we’re all honest, watching the cars slip-sliding into the wall is partly why we go to these events. It’s just human nature, and it’s a big part of the reason no prep racing has gained such a massive following. In this video from Urban Hillbilly videos, the fans always get what they came for.

This small tire Chevy S10 was lined up with a first gen Camaro and the driver knew it would take everything he had to run with the F-Body. So it may be that he was smashing a little too hard on the pedal when the truck broke traction down track and started to get out of shape. The driver had almost no warning before the truck snaps sideways and heads toward the wall.

He rolled out of the throttle and threw the wheel to the left, looking like he might be able to save it, but then the rear end kicked back out to the side and it was all over. The truck headed front-first into the wall pretty hard, but it was a glancing blow that sent the truck spinning.

The driver managed to walk away uninjured but unfortunately, his pickup wasn’t so lucky. Hopefully, the damage is limited to parts that can be replaced easily and the frame itself is still straight and ready to go.

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